Antique Chinese Textile Handbag with a Golden Dragon

SKU: 2019000706
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Antique Chinese textile from the early 1900’s taken from the Robe of a Mandarin Court’s bureaucrat scholar in the history of China, beautifully set onto an ‘Art Deco’ large Bag.

The handle has been made from Blackwood, where the sides and the lock have been embellished with Diamonds. A stunningly crafted Dragon slithers on one side of the Bag.

Rolf and wife, Helen, roamed the globe in search of suitable textiles for these bags. The textiles, most of which are categorized as antique or vintage, were from the period 1880’s to 1950’s. These materials are intricately and artistically handcrafted onto the handbags.

The bag has taken 4 months to design create with over 15 craftsmen involved.

White Full Cut Diamonds: 10.87 cts. (Approx.)

White Rose Cut Diamonds: 1.97 cts. (approx.)