Snake Earrings with Black wood inlay, Pink tourmalines & Diamonds

SKU: 2012000744
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This new addition to the Snake Collection is in celebration of the year 2013, The Year of the Snake.

These earrings are made of silver snake, 9K pink gold inlaid ebony beads, facetted pink tourmalines, white pear shaped rose-cut diamonds, and pearls.

According to the Chinese New Year’s calendar, the year of the snake is considered a good omen but a reminder to have constant growth, devotion and focus. The snake is an animal that is quite beautiful and cunning yet also dark and mysterious.

Dimension: 1.6x3.9x2.2 cms.

Pink tourmalines: 4.220 cts./ 2 Diamonds: 0.240 ct./ Pearls: 0.760 gm.