Teak Wood & Acrylic Chinese Chair with Dragons

SKU: 2018000253
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Lotus Arts de Vivre has designed this Chinese Chair using Teak wood and Acrylic.
The top part of the chair which consists of the back rest , arm rest and the border of the seating area is made from Teak wood and bottom part of the Chair which consists of the legs and the seating area is made with 40 mm thick Acrylic.

Lotus Arts de Vivre has added brass Dragon heads on the back rest and arm rest to complete the look.


The Chinese, like most Asians, used to sit on the floor until the first chairs appear in paintings during the Tang periods of Five Dynasties. From then onwards, chairs were a regulated and controlled object of great prestige. The Emperor decided, who could have how many chairs and it seems that this Imperial control element prevented any Chinese Chairs from ever being comfortable. One would not lounge on a chair which represents social hierarchy and formality and is subject to approval by the emperor. 

Approximate size : W60 x L57 x H 160 cm.

Approximate weight : 15 kg.