Wooden Lu sculpture

SKU: 2014000066
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Created from a piece of camphor wood, embellished faces and ornaments are from Sterling silver and silver with gold plating. Decorated with Lapis lazuli stud earrings and Ruby.

“Lu” or “Luk” (in Cantonese) in Chinese character means good fortune or happiness. The God “Lu” represents blessings, power and dignity. His characteristic is a high rank Chinese noble, wearing “Winged” hat and holding a scepter or called “Ru Yi” which is the scepter of magical blessings

Lotus Arts de Vivre has transformed The ancient Chinese legend of FU LU SHOU into sculptures. Fu, Lu, Shou are three Gods in ancient Chinese culture. It is believed that they are symbol of blessings, prosperity, and longevity. Nowadays, they are being worshipped by Chinese people around the world as seen from the popularity of placing the sculptures of Fu, Lu, and Shou in every house.

Approximate Size : W20 x L16 x H22 cm.

Approximate Weight : 3.2 kg.