Japanese Lacquer Low Table

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Japanese Nashiji Lacquer Low Table (Meiji - Taisho Period 1868-1926), made between 1880-1920, with the Maki-e technique. All items were used in a wealthy aristocratic households of Japan between 18th till early 20th Century.  The lower height of the tables were designed for the Asian ‘floor sitting’ culture proportions and later on from the 20th century onwards, these low tables were also put atop couches to serve as a coffee or tea table.

Maki-e (literally: sprinkled picture) is Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder onto a thick layer of lacquer as a decoration, a complicated and highly refined and time-consuming application.

This Japanese Lacquer collection is a result of the von Buren trips to Japan and its various antique fairs, where this entire lot was collected, that ranges from 70 to over 250 years.

Size:  30(W) x 48(L) x 7(H) cms. (approx.)