Crab Sculpture with Box Wood

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An exquisite organic formation of Box Wood designed into a Sterling Silver Crab. The piece can be used as a sculpture décor, as well as a low coffee table.

An integral material here is Box Wood, (i.e., buxus sempervirens) which is an evergreen, very slowly growing shrub or small tree. Some species of this family grow only 10 - 15 centimeters in diameter over a 100 year period. Owing to its fine grain, resistance to splitting and chipping, and it being denser than water, it is a good wood for carving, and thus useful for decorative pieces, arts and artifacts, often used for symbolic instruments and applications.

The Crab symbolizes rebirth because they thought humans reincarnated as Crabs and other sea creatures. As in other settings, it is viewed that Crab’s spirit is tied to the moon, our emotions, intuition and the waves of life.

After sourcing these extremely valuable organic formations of Box Wood, it took approximately 10 weeks labour to create this piece with over 8 designers and craftsmen involved.

Size: 25(W) x 42(L) x 17 (H) cms. (approx.)