18K Yellow Gold Earrings with Carved Mother of Pearl Elephant, Emerald and Pearl

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18K Yellow Gold Earrings with Pearl, decorated with a Carved Mother of Pearl Elephant designed with an Emerald set in 18K White Gold decor and Black Agate.

The Lotus Arts de Vivre designs of ‘Love’ were born from the creativity of an all-Italian reality of Titanium and Gold coming together with Asian craftsmanship. The collection is patented where computers and hi-tech machinery merge with the experience of master craftsmen who are able to forge unique details of gold with taste of luxury and extreme quality, entailing the attention to detail that makes this collection unique at the hands of Lotus Arts de Vivre. The Titanium inside lays a ‘memory wire’ foundation, which when bent springs back to its original form. The design thereafter has been jewelled by Lotus Arts de Vivre. While patenting them took years of effort and investments, the designs thereafter was finished in 8 weeks, by a total of 10-12 craftsmen involved in Italy and Thailand. The collection of soft, shiny and sophisticated design is light in form and an apt accessory for easy wearing during the day. Each new design is a powerful symbol of our legacy, ready to be cherished for generations.

Emerald: 0.15 ct.(Approx.)