Peacock Textile Handbag with Bamboo, Diamond, Ruby and Mother of Pearl inlaid in Silver Frame

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Handbag designed from a Peacock feather Obi. The handle is made from Japanese bamboo wood, accented with Gold plated Sterling Silver at various corners. The frame of the bag has been made from Gold plated Sterling Silver decorated with beautiful patterns in Mother of Pearl inlay. The lock of the handbag has been designed with Carved Mother of Pearl in elephant decorated with Ruby. The bag stands on Gold plated sterling silver stands. The handbag also comes with complementary Japanese gold lacquer comb with the beautiful fabric case.

The Obi, woven with Peacock Feathers -silk, peacock feather was a revival of an ancient 500 year old technique of weaving real peacock feather as weft. Only a certain Samurai general, who lived in between 1530~1578, could wear peacock feathers in ancient Japan. A Craftsman weaves the feathers one by one in the same direction, so It takes about half a year to complete the product. Only one craftsman can weave this textile in Japan, and it is believed only one in the world. This piece took over 6 months to produce with 10 craftsmen to produce including the designer to involve in every step of working process.

Rose cut diamonds:  1.77 ct.
Ruby: 0.18 ct.
Dimension: 29(L) x 38(H) x 10.5(W) cm.
Net Weight: 904.88 g.