Lontar Handbag with Jade & Scarab frog

SKU: 2015000440
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Lotus Arts de Vivre designed this “lontar leaves” into a handbag by adding a carved white wood frog with red stone and scarab. The handle is carved out of Liana Wood, decorated with silver gold plate leaves, held to the bag with carved dragon designed jade.

Lined internally with Thai silk and externally with gold silk, the bag is enveloped by Lontar leaf ornamented with white Pearls. Bag comes with a magnetic lock and Silver black Rhodium base.

The lontar leaf was used to inscribe the ancient Hindu and Buddhist texts, and in the manufacture of everyday items such as mats, bags and hats due to its sturdiness.

Materials: Jade (18.78 g), red stone (0.54 g), Pearls, Agate (1.85 g), silver, Liana Wood, Lontar leaf, Thai silk lining