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About Lotus Arts de Vivre

Lotus Arts de Vivre, the iconic brand known for its bold Asian and animal themed creations made with opulent raw materials, was founded by Rolf and Helen von Bueren over 30 years ago.

The work borrows heavily from Asian culture and mythology and makes use of rare and auspicious materials like such as seeds, nuts, coconut shells, sting ray leather, ostrich and emu eggs, scarab wings, ebony and precious woods, sea shells, bamboo and traditional craft techniques: we go to India for gem-cutting, Indonesia for wood carving, Thailand for Niello work, Japan for Makie Lacquer and China for Cinnabar Lacquer. Our pieces are sold in over 15 countries, making it one of Asia's leading brands of luxury hand-crafted Jewellery, Home Décor and Accessories. Our statement pieces, adorned by members of high society, royalty and international serious collectors of luxury and unique art objects stretch from Palm Beach to New York, from London to Cannes, from Delhi to Dubai and from Beijing back to Bangkok and are sought after worldwide.

Now, the sons, Sri and Nicki von Bueren have taken the reins of the family business and continue to produce curiosities worth collecting and manage a secondary market with auction houses and online platforms.

Signature stores span across Thailand and Malaysia, and representatives based in Indonesia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, France, Istanbul, Russia, UK and USA, with exhibitions being held globally.

About our Products – “Preservation of Heritage - Returning to the Crafts”

We hand-craft every piece of our portfolio – Masterpieces, Jewelry, Home Décor and Accessories and every piece tells our story.

As our Spiritual Mentor and Chairman, Rolf von Bueren explains: “For the past several decades, my family and I have travelled the world to find creative inspiration, source fabulous materials, and maintain our long-term relationships with some of the most highly skilled craftsmen living today. This love for exploration and respect for ancient cultures is driven by the fact that our cultural heritage is disappearing at an incredible speed. While we cannot fight progress, it is essential that we preserve the knowledge of traditional crafts which play a vital role in any culture and identity. Thailand has many crafts that are preserved by Her Majesty The Queen in a unique organization called Silapacheep. To preserve these crafts is to preserve one’s Thai national heritage and we continue to do exactly that.”